ViTiX 30 tablets

ViTiX 30 tablets
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ViTiX 30 tablets


ViTiX 30 tablets

ViTiX tablets contain an original patented vegetal active ingredient, rich in antioxidants, with a combination of vitamins (C, E, B9, B12) and minerals (Se, Cu, Zn).

Advice for using: take one tablet per day with water during meals.

Warnings: If pregnant, consult your physician before use.
Keep out of reach of children.
Follow the recommended daily dose.
Taking ViTiX tablets should not replace a balanced diet.

Each tablet provides                                                   %RDA*

Melon extract (EXTRAMEL)         10mg                           

Vitamin E (15UI)                       10mg                            100

Vitamin C                                    40mg                            67

Vitamin B9 (Folic acid)            200μg                           100

Vitamin B12                                 1μg                              100

Cu                                                 1mg                              50

Se                                                 50μg                            100

Zn                                                  5mg                             34

Caloric Value      2,13kcal=8,91kJ