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Vitiskin is a corrective depigmentation polymeric hydrogel. Clinically proven efficacy against placebo. Double blind dermatological test.

Vitiskin combines: Superoxide Dismutase (Dismutin-BT®), Copper, Zinc, Vitamin B12 and Calcium Panthotenate. Its action mechanism makes it possible to re-balance skin cell metabolism due to its anti-oxidant, anti-radical and anti-inflammatory agents.

Dismutin-BT® is the most concentrated and the purest SOD in the pharmaceutical field.
Its optimised activity reaches 50 million units per litre. Its concentration has been made optimal. Its stability and efficacy have been clinically tested, in vitro and ex vivo. It is one
of the fastest-acting and most stable enzymes to be found naturally. It eliminates the
super-oxide radicals in the chain without itself being broken down during the reaction,
giving it excellent efficacy.