Payment methods

Natural Herbs Market is committed to providing you with the best shopping experience possible.

Natural Herbs Market accepts the following payment methods 

MasterCard , Visa Card , Visa Electron , PayPal , Money Bookers


Info Payment

Where our system supports Automatic Address Verification (AVS), customers' billing address details are verified with their acquiring bank. Your card is debited upon completion of the transaction. Please keep your order receipt in a safe and accessible location.

Safety on the Internet

The Internet is a new medium for shopping, and like any new technology, there is an element of concern regarding credit card security over the Internet.
At we use the latest in encryption coding to ensure that any credit card information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
Shopping with is as safe as any other form of shopping, and in some cases even safer.

Credit Card information is sent to using fully secure servers.
This secure environment encodes your personal information upon leaving your computer and decodes it upon arrival at our secure servers.
The security is handled by a independent third party who certify that the information is correctly encrypted and secure. A window will appear on your browser notifying you when you enter and leave the secure environment.