What to eat when we hurt

What to eat when we hurt


How to get rid of pain without drugs drink? It is if you eat properly, ensure nurses who have drawn up an indicative list of what to eat and what's not in pain. Whole grains are required. They contain magnesium, which reduces muscle pain, improves digestion and removes intestinal discomfort. American researcher Neal Barnard, in his book "The products that overcome the pain," is adamant that protivobolkovata diet low in animal fats. It lowers cholesterol levels, improves metabolism, hormonal balance helps to normalize and reduce weight. All this leads to a reduction in frequency and intensity of attacks of angina pains, PMS and critical days, migraine, osteochondrosis.
In Indian medicine as painkillers successfully used ginger and turmeric. To remove the pain help: turkey, eggs, olive oil, walnuts, almonds, seeds, berries, dairy products, spirulina, grape juice or wine. These foods are rich in tryptophan - an amino acid that increases the pain threshold. From her thyroid gland in the brain to produce serotonin - another "hormone of happiness" with marked analgesic effect.

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