Genes of the mother show how women outlive men

Genes of the mother show how women outlive men


The answer is in the mitochondria, energy-generating parts of our cells. They have their own DNA, separate from the DNA in the nucleus, which is believed to represent the genome. In almost all mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mother to child without any influence by the father, says a new study published in Current Biology. But usually, natural selection helps to reduce harmful mutations to a minimum and ensured that the male line they are transmitted to offspring.
Thus, if a mitochondrial DNA mutation is dangerous only in men but not harm women, there are no obstacles to the mother transmits to her children. This largely explains why women outlive men. "If you see a mitochondrial mutation that is benign for women in their favor, this mutation would sneak through the gates of natural selection and go to the next generation. The result is the accumulation of mutations that do not harm women, but lead to a shorter life expectancy for men. "Said Damien Dowling, Australian evolutionary biologist, quoted by LiveScience.

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