Sometimes is not bad to eat before bedtime!

Sometimes is not bad to eat before bedtime!


You've heard it a million times: eating late at night is bad for your waistline. Right? Take your time. If this is a solid steak or a piece of cake cool a bad idea. But new research shows that a suitable snack before bedtime may help muscle recovery. This is because to increase fitness trainings, you need to optimize muscle recovery. One way is just the perfect snack before bedtime, according to new research cited by "Sleep is a window of opportunity to increase anabolism in the muscles before the next workout," said Dr. Peter S. Res.
He said adoption of the amount of protein before bedtime can increase muscle building and rapid recovery after weight training. Participants who consumed 40 grams of protein casein 30 minutes prior to sleep have shown increased muscle recovery, as opposed to those who used placebo only.
"Casein is digested slowly and lengthy - about four hours, determined to make better use of his body," said Res. He recommends taking 25-30 grams of protein before bed, indicating that the curd is one of the most suitable foods for this purpose.

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