GinkoPrim Max 60mg. 30 tabs

GinkoPrim Max 60mg. 30 tabs
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GinkoPrim Max 60mg. 30 tabs


GinkoPrim Max 60mg. 30 tabs

For better vascular limbs and good memory 

* has a positive influence on blood circulation and blood vessels, in particular the brain and limbs. 

* influences positively the memory and other brain functions. 

* recommended for people suffering from cold limbs. 

* helps to remove hearing defects, in particular the ringing in ears. 

Do you suffer from cold hands and legs? Is your memory getting worse and you cannot concentrate? Do you hear a ringing in your ears? Then the preparation GinkoPrim is especially for you. The increased content of Ginkgo biloba – 40 mg of standardized extract from the leaves – in a unique combination with magnesium in GinkoPrim is recommended particularly for cases of problems with memory, decrease of intellectual performance, depression and states of distress. It significantly helps people who suffer from cold limbs and positively influences hearing problems. The main element of GinkoPrim is the standardized extract from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree which is one of the most popular plant products in the world. 

What is the basis of the protective effects? 

Ginkgo biloba contains a series of active elements whichare mutually complemented in their effect on the human body. Important elements are flavonoids which belong to the group of antioxidants, elements which fight against free radicals. The other effective elements are terpenic lactones – elements which restrict the production of coagulum and expand arteries, vessels and capillary tubes. Due to this effect the vascular process is improved (rheologic effect) which improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients into individual organs in the human body. The most significant effect is reflected in the blood flow in the area of the brain, ears and limbs. In particular, the improvement of the blood flow in the brain can improve brain functions, concentration and memory. 

GinkoPrim is combined with magnesium which is often taken with food in insufficient amounts. Magnesium helps in the prevention of many chronic diseases, has a positive influence on the nervous system, supports the correct activity of the heart, muscles and the entire circulation system.

Use Directions:

1 tablet daily, best after a meal