Biolic Strong

Biolic Strong
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Biolic Strong

Odourless Biolic Strong garlic dry extract capsules contain garlic’s effective agents in a concentrated form. 1000 kg of fresh garlic is needed to produce one kilogram garlic dry extract. The capsule shell has been produced from corn starch and of carrageen extracted from seaweed and is totally vegetable based and glutenfree. Capsules are suitable for vegans.


Garlic is an effective antioxidant, which helps to increase general immunity and vitality of the human body and acts as natural antibiotic. The healthy properties of garlic were discovered 6000 years ago when it was noticed to have a favourable effect on increasing general immunity and vitality of the human body. Garlic contains all essential amino acids for humans and abundantly different chemical compounds which protect cells. Garlic’s effects have been studied e.g. in Japan. Studies have clearly shown the following effects:


- increase in physical strength and ability to perform 

- decrease of blood cholesterol level


Garlic has been traditionally used in folk remedy due to its antibiotic properties against cough, common cold and inflammations in mucous membrane. Garlic also supports the absorbance of B vitamins.  Odour inducing factors have been removed from the capsules.


Ingredients in daily dosage (1 caps.):


Sunflower oil  

Carrageenans E 407*, E 1440* ja E 322  

Glyserol E 422 *  

Sodium phosphates E 339  

Silicon dioxide E 551  

Odourless garlic oil 2 mg,  

which equals to 2000 mg of fresh garlic

*capsule shell  


1 capsule per day with meal.


Contains no lactose, gluten, sweeteners or yeast.




120 capsules / 70 g