Ducray Neoptide Lotion 90 mL

Ducray Neoptide Lotion 90 mL
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Ducray Neoptide Lotion 90 mL


Ducray Neoptide Lotion 90 mL

Harness Neoptide lotion, 3 bottles of 30ml. Fall protection Neoptide Ducray Lotion is an innovative response Ducray laboratories deal with the fall.


This product is new and unique because it acts on the substance P receptor activating hair growth. This receptor is important in chronic female fall, leading to its high efficacy demonstrated in women acting at two levels: 

1 .- follicle cell proliferation, this peptide has an activity comparable to that of minoxidil. 

2 .- hair shaft elongation: optimum efficiency with a 203% of activity.

SUITABLE FOR: Antica Neoptide Ducray Lotion is indicated for chronic female fall hereditary, hormonal or deficiency.

HOW TO USE: Implement fall prevention Ducray Neoptide Lotion 1 time per day for at least 3 months.

COMPOSITION:  Neoptide: tetrapeptide as biologically active substances under P activating hair growth. Other assets that contains the lotion are: 

• Ruscus 5%: stimulating vascular

• 0.5% tetraphosphate Diguanosina activator of cellular exchange.

• Nicotinamide 2%: vasodilator.