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Biozin Mama
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Biozin Mama



Contents: Lactoferrin 100 mg

A packet of BIOZIN MAMA contains 2 blisters with 15 tablets each.

  • What is BIOZIN MAMA

BIOZIN MAMA contains biologically active ingredient: Lactoferrin 100 mg.

Lactoferrin effects:

  • Antibacterial effect:

Lactoferrin binds the free iron and Vitamin D2 making them inaccessible for the bacteria which stops the multiplication of the latter. It also destroys the cell walls of ofmicrobesand mould.

  • Antiviral effect:

Lactoferrin is a key molecule for the immune system and can be used in fighting different viralinfections. It prevents viruses from attaching to the cell walls and penetrating our cells.

  • Improved iron absorption:

Due to its high iron affinity Lactoferrin binds it and transports it to all cells which may need it.

  • Probiotic effect:

Lactoferrin suppresses the development of bad bacteria in the intestines and helps the development of bifidobacteria contributing to the restoration of the normal microflora.

  • Antioxidant effect:

The improved bio-availability of iron leads to slowing of ageing processes and to decreasing the susceptibility to degenerative and oncological conditions.

  • BIOZIN МАМА purpose

Helps and maintains the physiological function of the immune system.  Has a favourable effect during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Contributes to the normal function of the iron metabolism.

  • How should BIOZIN МАМА be taken?

Before starting to take BIOZIN MAMA you should consult your doctor! Unless otherwise recommended by your doctor, the daily dosage for adults over 18 years is 1 tablet before meals.

  • Who should not take BIOZIN МАМА?

Do not take BIOZIN MAMA if you had allergic reactions to Lactoferrin or to another of the tablet ingredients. The most frequent allergic reaction symptoms include: exanthema, itching, swelling of lips and face, constriction.