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Behavioral therapy for chronic fatigue
  Researchers offer an efficient and relatively inexpensive way to combat chronic fatigue syndrome. Symptoms of this syndrome are fatigue, decrease in concentration, memory impairment, sleep disturbance, pain in joints and muscles. Scientists to this day do not know what provoked chronic fatigue syndrome. Some possible cause... read more
What to eat when we hurt
  How to get rid of pain without drugs drink? It is if you eat properly, ensure nurses who have drawn up an indicative list of what to eat and what's not in pain. Whole grains are required. They contain magnesium, which reduces muscle pain, improves digestion and removes intestinal discomfort. American researcher Neal Barnar... read more
Wine strengthens the bones of postmenopausal women!
  Regular drinking wine in moderation after menopause helps to maintain bone strength, and abstinence from alcohol increases the risk of developing osteoporosis, a study by an international team of scientists. One or two glasses of wine a day can be just as effective as drugs for the prevention of bone thinning in older wome... read more
Genes of the mother show how women outlive men
  The answer is in the mitochondria, energy-generating parts of our cells. They have their own DNA, separate from the DNA in the nucleus, which is believed to represent the genome. In almost all mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mother to child without any influence by the father, says a new study published in Current Bi... read more
Sometimes is not bad to eat before bedtime!
  You've heard it a million times: eating late at night is bad for your waistline. Right? Take your time. If this is a solid steak or a piece of cake cool a bad idea. But new research shows that a suitable snack before bedtime may help muscle recovery. This is because to increase fitness trainings, you need to optimize muscl... read more
Menopause can come earlier and after a lot of sports
  Accustomed We believe that sport and diets are something absolutely worthwhile. But Japanese scientists claim that women who do too, menopause significantly earlier. The study involved 3100 women aged 35 to 56 years. They were observed 10 years. Women who regularly trained for 8-10 hours a week, menopause occurred 17% earl... read more